Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Great News, And News About Gum

Ok, Joshua had a wonderful birthday week. My kids stretch their birthdays into several days at least. They get to pick a resturant for dinner and then there is usually some special activity. Anyway, he decided to go to breakfast at IHop instead of dinner so we went out on his actual b-day. Then we went to the childrens museum on Friday and had friends over on Saturday so it was party week. Ted had the comment of the week on Joshua's birthday, we were all in my bedroom first thing in the morning and I said to Joshua isn't it great, you are now double didgets, you are ten! Ted piped right up and said "now you can eat gum". (I have set a rule that you must be 10 to chew gum, hoping to avoid gum being swallowed or left on the floor.) My mother used to mumble things as she used a butter knife to scrape the gum off her nice hardwood floors. My theory was that it was a long way off. I guess these kids are growing up fast and 10 is just around the corner. Well Ted was pretty disappointed when Josh wasn't too interested in the gum. hahaha Anyway, it was lots of fun and little emotional for me too. Just the other day we were not even sure he would live to be nine and now he is ten. Hooray!!!!
OK, on to the great news. We have been working to get Joshua into an online virtual academy school. It is a charter school here in Texas and a great option for him. He will do his work online through the computer and then we are supplementing it with one day a week at MD Anderson's school to have the teachers there help him with his lessons and new concepts. They of course have a wait list and I was not sure he was going to get a spot but he did. They will be sending us a computer and printer and everything. We have prayed and researched and really think this is the best educational option for him. The great thing is that it is a charter school here so we don't have to pay for anything. Also they have a department to deal with his IEP (Independent Educational Plan) and help us work out his special needs. It is a load off my mind that we can move forward with his education, he is eager to work and I am sure he will do well. Things are going well. We are still partying this month and the kids are having a blast. The library, the pool, scouts, and anything else we can stuff in this month. Sorry the posts are far apart but we are too busy to type right now. Thanks for your support.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Catching Up

Sorry about the delay in posting. I kept hoping to have pictures but it does not seem that it will happen soon. So I just decided that I had better post and if pictures make their way into my hands I will post again!

First, Camp Star Trails (cancer camp) was great. The children loved it and I think they were very popular with everybody there. When we picked them up the counselors sang their praises. I think the hit of the day was Dorothy. Lots of the little ones struggle at camp but she shone. She behaved and was fun and apparently kept telling the counselors " My mom said I shouldn't do that". What amazed the counselors was that she actually did what she was supposed to! Apparently lots of kids tell the counselors what they are supposed to do but then do whatever they want. I am so grateful to MD Anderson for making this possible. The children really need to be normal kids and camp was so good for them. Also we left Rachel for 3 days with a friend and she had a blast. My friend Nikki actually made her a T-shirt so she would have one too. (the kids at camp got a T-shirt) They came home brown and very happy.

Now that we are back home the children are having a hard time getting back into their routines. (me too) We have been staying up way to late and being a little wild but I am slowly working them back into it. They are in swimming lessons every morning and it is a big production to get them out the door. (hahaha) Anyway, they are having so much fun this summer. Gordon and I are pretty tired but we are enjoying them.

We went to MD Anderson for Joshua's quarterly MRI and blood work and everything looked great! No new occurrence and his numbers are moving up nicely. The doctors even saw a little reaction in his knee reflexes. It was only slight but we will take it! Every MRI makes me nervous and I really breath much easier after it is over. Thanks for your support and prayers, we know they make a difference and help every day.