Monday, November 24, 2008

Hospital, Hard Times, Happy Thanksgiving

Well another hospitalization over. This was the B cycle and it was easy last time. He went in on Friday and they infuse the chemo over 2 days. Saturday he did great but Sunday he woke up sick. He started throwing up even before he tried to eat. They gave him meds and he slept. He continued to be sick every time he woke up and 2 hours later the doctor came in for rounds. He had about 6 fellows with him and they stood around the bed. The doctor said everything looked good and Josh could go home in a couple of hours. Gordon tried to explain about him being sick and the doctor didn't seem concerned. Then a fellow bumped the bed and woke up Josh. He proceeded to start up again. The problem is it is pretty violent and he can't stop till he falls asleep again. Needless to say the doctor was shocked and very upset. He said of course he could not go home till they got it under control and told the fellows they would have to come up with an immediate plan for new meds and a way to stop it. Well they put another anti nausea on board while he slept. He was more stable when he woke up but now had diarrea too. The men from our church came and gave Josh and Gordon the sacrament and a blessing and Joshua turned a corner. He was able to come home last night late and is sleeping in this morning. If he can wake up and take his anti nausea and keep down some breakfast we will be doing great.

Every cycle is getting harder on Joshua. Every time I think this will be the last time I let them do this to him. Then I think I have to keep going and do what they tell us to do. It is very hard, to see him suffer, and know that we cause it with these terrible drugs. When we picked up Joshua last night we had the children in the car in their jammies and Rachel said "did the doctors give you the bad medicine again Josh?" Even she knows on some level what is happening. But we have to have faith that this is the right thing to do and it will make a difference for Joshua. For now I am just happy to have him home. I look in on him sleeping in his bed and want him to stay there forever. I guess that I am just silly.....

Well, I have to go. Our house is its usual mess and Gordon's Mom and Dad are coming tomorrow for Thanksgiving. We have a lot of shopping to do and even more cleaning. This year we have lots to be thankful for. First, we are still together as a family. Second, Gordon's Mom and Dad will be here. And last but definately NOT least -----Gordon has got a new job! He starts the 1st of December and it is a great position. I am very proud of him, he has worked hard for this opportunity and he is ready for it. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving, and I pray you have a long list of things to be thankful for. We are thankful for you and the blessing your prayers bring. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ok, this is not so much about Joshua and mostly about Gordon and I. If you are bored you may log out and I will post as soon as Josh gets out of the hospital this weekend. (He is scheduled for chemo Friday).
Are those the biggest shrimp you have ever seen? They are gulf shrimp and we each ate one before the picture but the were great. Second, isn't Gordon cute bowling? Let me explain what all this is about.

There is a new organization called Your Day Away. One day a year they work to give parents of critically ill children a day out. They get spas and resturants and hotels to donate services so parents can get a day out or overnight if they can do it. We of course could not do that but they arranged for us to go to the movies and bowling and dinner. The movie did not happen because the theater lost power and was closed. However we had a blast bowling at the Pearland Bowling alley. Great lanes and nice people. Afterwards we drove around and then went out for the fanciest dinner I have ever had. Gordon had a dry aged rib eye 16oz steak. It cost $46! That did not even include the baked potato! WOW, the food was great and the resturant was wonderful to us. Killens is a local place and very nice but you would never know there is a resession there - every table full and the average bill for dinner for 2 was $150. It really was great to have from 1 in the afternoon till about 9:30 at night to ourselves. Special thanks goes to Sarah for babysitting for the long haul. Since we did not get to the movies we did the grocery shopping and even that was fun. It has been so long since Gordon and I had a day together and could just laugh. He even let me stop in Pier One Imports to drool over this season hand blown eastern european christmas ornaments. Anyway, it was nice. Even when everything is calm around here we have so much on our plates that we don't seem to relax much anymore so this was a dream. One funny note - Rachel freaked out when we got home. Apparently we have never left her for that long with both of us gone and she did ok till bed time. When we got home she cried for at least 20 minutes in our arms and would not let us go. She was doing that hiccup cry and it was very sweet and a little silly too. She is tough but very tender too.
Well, Josh is doing ok and we are just keeping him healthy till he goes in the hospital on Friday. Daddy is going to go and stay this time so that will be fun for Joshua. This is a B cycle so we really do not know how he will do but I will let you know. You are all in our prayers and we love you.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pretty Good News and Ponds

Sorry that it has taken so long to get this post in! We went to the doctor on Monday and got good news, his counts are up. Joshua is rebounding at last from this last cycle and doing well. Hopefully we can have a few weeks peace till the next cycle on the 21st. I am a little worried 'cause he says his throat is scratchy and there is a cold going around but I will hold my breath and it will be ok. Meantime the hearing news is not so good. His hearing loss is still in the 6000 -12000 megahertz range but it has gone from mild to moderate so the amafostine doesn't seem to have helped. The only good thing is that he only has to have the drug that is doing this damage 2 more times so hopefully he will be done before the damage is too great. The hearing specialist was very concerned and told us she put her recommendations in to the oncologist but we will have to wait till at least the 21st to discuss it. The cycle we are doing next doesn't have this drug and the ones we are taking have less affect. They still want to do hearing tests every four weeks to watch the progression.
Well we are working with the insurance company but may never see our adjustment. The mortgage company has lost the check for good and we had to ask for a stop payment on it. That means we may not see that money for 45 days or more. As for the rest, they are still haggling about the amount and who knows what or when they will settle it. I am really bummed, I hoped to have the house fixed for when Gordon's Dad and Mom come but it won't even be started. Oh well, I have moved my attention on to the gingerbread house I am planning to make with Maurine and the kids. I even found blue fruit rollups for a pond.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Surprises, Statistics, and Smiles

I thought you would love this picture. As usual there is a story that goes with it. Sunday morning Gordon went to a meeting and I got in the shower. When I got out I came downstairs to check on the kids (they were watching a video). As I got to the bottom of the stairs I found a man in my foyer with the little ones. I had not even heard the door bell. I was shocked and embarrassed because I was in a towel! I told him to come in and ran upstairs. It took me a minute because I knew he was family but I was so surprised I could not think who it was. After I got dressed I realized that it was Bill Grohoski. Bill is one of our relatives in New York. That explains why I was so surprised to see him. Turns out that he was in Texas on business and had a couple of extra hours and wanted to see the kids. We were so glad to see him and had a wonderful visit. I want to take this time to remind everyone that while our house may be a mess and I may be underdressed, we love to see family and you are always welcome.

Now, on to statistics. Josh is neutropenic again. That means that his counts are in the unsafe range and we are on high alert. No scouts or primary at church. We go back the doctor on Monday for a hearing test and they will check his counts again. Hopefully his counts will go up over the weekend. They are talking about a platelet transfusion now. We will know on Monday. Do you see the theme happening here. We keep waiting. I don't mind so much as long a Joshua is doing well at home. We kind of like going to the clinic all the time. (hahaha)

Well I just want to leave you with our love and a smile. I know that the kids look a little goofy in this shot, the sun was bright. But I hope you can smile, one because I am always a mess, two because my beautiful children and our wonderful relatives look great, and three because Josh is home and happy and feeling good today.