Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Deer Hunter

I bet you didn't think that the deer was the hunter!! That deer saw the apple and figured it was his. He then moved in, wrestled Ted, and then - to the victor goes the spoils! We went on a field trip to a wildlife preserve where there are lots of wild animals wandering around. But I am shocked at how tame that deer was. We went in a jeep around the preserve and hand fed camels and zebras and wildebeests and all kinds of animals. We also saw crocs and a rhino and emus. The scariest thing we fed was a couple of ostriches. They just tried to grab the food bucket from you and I was so afraid they would peck us if we didn't feed them. All in all it was fun and the kids had a blast. We are slowly getting back to normal after the holidays and everybody is great! Josh's MRI showed no change! yahh Ted fell and hurt is ankle but it was ok by the time he got baptized. That was such a blessing. I think he really felt special that day and I am so glad. Gordon's mom and dad and sister and her husband and their 2 kids all flew in and so it was a fun weekend. Dorothy just got glasses this week so I will try to get pictures of her to post soon. The other news of Joshua, his thyroid is dying and they have started him on synthroid now. It is not a surprise, we knew that this was coming and just got him on his meds and he is doing great. Luckily there are no side effects to this one so it is a non event. We are still planning to start growth hormone in April. They checked for me and in the last year Josh only grew 1 centimeter so I guess it is time. Anyway, we love you and hope you like the pictures!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Off To A Running Start!

I am not kidding when I say running. I am running the other way from the end of last year. I do not have space for the long version so here is the short one.....
We went to Arizona for Christmas. On the way we wrecked the car, we are waiting to hear if it is totalled. A semi dropped his drive train and we ran it over.....Nobody was hurt and the one police man in New Mexico who is related to us just happened to be the one who stopped. ( we didn't know him till we mentioned a common relative) Anyway, once we got to Arizona everybody took their turn being sick and I was sick on Christmas eve and day. We limped home in a rent a van and collapsed. We brought 3 beagle puppies home with us and that was interesting. Since we have gotten home they have been keeping us hopping. Feeding 6 dogs at once and 3 of them pups that don't know not to steal the adults food is to say the least trying. It is actually fun and they are cute as a button. We named them Molly Jo and Mamie Jo and Merry Jo. Anyway, we spent the end of this year trying to survive and now in the first week of the new year I am still sick and the house is a mess and we are doing ok!
Now, on to the important stuff.... Joshua is doing well. We have an MRI this week and I am not even worried. If anything is out of the ordinary I will post but if you don't hear from me consider it good news. He is keeping up with school work and we are blessed that he is very happy. The other children are doing great and while I am very busy I am doing well too. Gordon got a small raise at the end of 2009 and we are greatful for it and him. I am feeling really good about how the house is looking these days and Ted is getting baptized this month. Basicly I am trying to let you know we are doing well now. Busy, happy, and healthy. You can't beat that and we are grateful for every day we have.
We hope that this letter finds you the same and that you will all have a blessed new year. If you didn't get my christmas card and letter please put your address in the comments section and I will send one out. Happy New Year and God Bless!