Saturday, June 22, 2013

Beehive Beauties and Winners Too!

I love being able to share good things!  I am so proud of the girls.  They did a beauty pageant and did wonderfully.  The first category was rockstar and then they did beauty. They were proud and not nervous and just had fun. Of course that made them winners before they got the trophies, but it was a high to see them get called up too.  All I want is for my children to be happy.  Today was a good day.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Check This Out!

This is one is out of order but I am too tired to move it. (plus I don't know how)
I made sure to include a picture of our hero Dr. Phillips.  Standing is very painful but he is trying!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Well, things are progressing.  Believe it or not, it is harder for Josh now that he is getting stronger.  He feels trapped and is very restless.  Today the weather was beautiful and he cried several times.  He was just frustrated.  He trys very hard to accept things but some days are harder than others.  This last week has been very busy.  Josh had his MRIs and then saw the oncologist.  The good news is no new tumor!  They are moving us to annual MRIs and that is a blessing.  As is normally the case good is always tempered with bad and the next days results were not what we wanted.  We went for our hearing test and while the left ear did not go down much (it was already bad and needed a hearing aid but they had waited because the right was still good) the right plummetted this time.  The doctor was alarmed by the amount of loss and is now going to do 3 month tests to monitor.  We have ordered hearing aids for both ears and he will have them in 2 weeks.  It is funny but I think being able to hear will be a great problem for him - loud noises frighten him and I think that he is in for a surprise.  He will have to adjust but I am sure he will do well. 

Joshua is amazing to me.  He is humble and teachable and always trys his best.  He is not perfect but we are blessed to have him in our lives and his journey is teaching me and our family so much.  I know that where ever this road leads his in front and we are proud to follow.  The good news is that he is following our Savior so we are all headed in the right direction!  God Bless and we are grateful for your prayers and support.  -  Only 2 more weeks till we see if he can walk -  Keep praying.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

OK, OK, So I am A Little Slow With Updates

Sorry that I have not posted in a few weeks.  Things are going well.  Joshua is in a routine and for the most part settled.  He spends a lot of time on the sofa resting his legs while they are elevated but yesterday his homebound teacher came and he is back to work.  He did not make it through the entire 2 hours, about 15 minutes before the end he became glassy eyed and was too tired but he will work up to it quickly and I am hopeful that he will be back to school in about 2 weeks.  I know he wants to go but I have to be careful about his stamina and his legs still swell if they are left down too long so he has to keep them elevated.  He saw the doctor last week and we are just waiting till the first of Feburary to see where he is at.  He will remove the casts then and xray him and decide if he needs new casts or braces.  He may get to stand then so we will see what happens.  I will post then to let you know where he is at.  It is amazing to me what you can get used to and think nothing of, people act like they are amazed when they see him but to us it is no big deal.  Thank you for your continued prayers, we know they make the difference. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

I thought you might like to see the difference from Tuesday to Sunday.  You can't see it but he is doing well.  We really have had a blessed christmas.  We enjoyed having Gordon's folks come and spend the weekend.  They left today and we were sad to see them go.  Josh fell asleep as soon as they left and he is worn out but he really is doing well.  He is not taking too much pain meds and he is being really good about not putting his feet down so the swelling is not bad.  Merry Christmas to all and we will keep praying for you and appreciate you praying for us!

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Opps!  This is a little late.  We came home yesterday.  By the time we got home and spent time with Grandma and Grandpa it was late and I didn't get a post in.  We woke up Saturday after a rough night and Josh felt better.  The doctor came in and told him he could go home.  We wasted no time and I disconnected the IV (I love being a pro) and then got him dressed.  As soon as I got him in the wheelchair he was running around the floor and I had to lasso him and bring him back so the nurse could remove the IV and get us checked out.  I was also proud of Gordon and I cause they left us to leave without taking us downstairs and we had to figure out how to get him in the suburban by ourselves.  We did not look like too big of idiots and did not bang Josh us in the process.  That to me is a win.  We have discovered that this home is NOT handicap accessible.  The downstairs bathroom door is so skinny that the wheelchair does not fit through it and we have to put him on the floor and he scoots to the potty and then we lift him on.  Not very graceful but at least he gets there.  He really is doing remarkably well and I can credit that to you all.  Prayer works!  Josh needed you and still does and we are so so grateful for your conversations with Heavenly Father, I know he is listening.  Thank you so much, we love you all. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Change Is Good

Ok, today has brought alot of changes and that has poor Josh freaked out.  They turned off the epidural and he can feel again.  It was frightening to suddenly feel and things were painful and he was not sure what he felt.  We have finally gotten him stable and he is resting.  It is a good thing but I had a hard time convincing him of that, he had just gotten used to being numb.  I wish I could take care of the worries but we just have to get through them.  He and I just take it one day at a time.  While he is just worried about all this I am excited.  It is one step closer to home and one day closer to recovery.  I am hopeful that tomorrow will bring us home.  That is the plan anyway.  We will be administering oral meds every 4 hours through the day and night and in the morning and evening there are extras.  Hopefully by christmas day we will be backing off to every 6 hours but we will take it one step at a time.  Love you all.