Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hunting for Game

OK, this is the 100th post! I know I do not post often enough but I could not pass up sharing this. We have been fighting mice in our house. (ok ick ick ick) and we found a dead on on the floor by the computer desk. We have paid to have the house sealed and then Sunday night I saw another one. He got away and I called the bug man (a friend) on Monday. He came and inspected the sealing job (he is the boss and some else actually did it) and found 1 spot they might still be getting in. He put out glue traps with peanut butter on them and told me he would come today with the sealant to fix the outside. Well this morning the house smelled and I couldn't find it so I told the kids to start school and then Ted freaked out and screamed that he saw a mouse. Well he saw a mouse alright! It was dead, stuck to the outlet. Apparently when the house was painted last year the guys forgot to put the outlet cover back on and the mice have been getting in there. The dead one from before and this little guy got electrocuted! Now we can seal things up and they will be gone forever! It was just too funny. - Oh and by the way, on a side note, the glue traps did catch something, my friend's 2 year old tried to eat the peanut butter and got stuck! I think his mom was very gracious not to freak out and we cleaned him up. I am going to sleep much better knowing this is fixed and I do feel a little sad for the poor mouse, I have heard of putting your finger in a light socket but this is riduculous!