Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Quiltmaker's Gift

This post may seem long but I would like to read a letter we just recieved and then show some pictures. We are overwelmed by all the support we have been given but this was beyond expression.

Dear Joshua,
On Christmas day all our family gathered at our home to celebrate. We had a lovely day. After dinner was finished and all the presents were opened, we gathered in our livingroom to listen to some of our grandchildren play the Christmas songs they had learned on the piano and viola. Afterwards we talked about you and that you needed to go to the hospital for surgery. We knelt in family prayer and asked our Heavenly Father to bless you, and felt a genuine peace and assurance that our prayer would be answered.
The next day we thought, "We know the Lord will bless Josh, but what can we do? We live so far away." Logan, or grandson, asked me to read one of his favorite stories to him - The Quiltmaker's Gift. It's a wonderful story about an old woman who lives in the mountains. She makes quilts and gives them to people who need them. That is when I got the idea to make you a quilt. Several of us went to the quilt store. We looked and looked until we found the fabrics that we thought would be perfect for your quilt.
Quilts are like people - they come in all colors, sizes, and shapes. Your quilt is one of a kind. There isn't another one like it in the whole world. It is unique, special, and valuable - just like you! Another name for a quilt is a comforter. The Holy Ghost is also called the Comforter because it is part of his job to be with us and bring us comfort.
Inspirational music has the power to give us courage and bring a spirit of peace. The Primary Hymns are some of our favorites and so we have made a CD for you to listen to when you are resting or anytime you want to invite the Spirit of the Lord to be your companion.
We hope your quilt and the music will bring you comfort and remind you of how much you are loved - by your family, Heavenly Father, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, and so many other people. Each stitch is a hug and a prayer just for you. So wrap yourself up, feel cozy, and know that all will be well.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Songs From The Heart

Another week down! I am excited that I learned how to put music on the blog. I picked songs Josh likes but then I found the lead song. Joshua has the movie Prince of Egypt and loves it so this was the perfect one to start out with. I want everyone to know that we are seeing miracles everyday and we are hopeful. I am overwelmed with all the people who love Josh and our family. It is true that Heavenly Father works through us.
There is nothing new on the medical front but we are getting ready for the hospital. We have chosen videos and books that he might like (yes because I am no longer able to say no to him I did get him the 5th Harry Potter movie). For me and my mom who is coming to sit with me during the day time I got a selection of cool yarn and a set of knitting circles to make hats and scarves with. If we go crazy then every nurse will get a hat or scarf! I am not taking to much more cause I just don't know what he will be up to doing.
We are enjoying this quiet time before the storm and can't wait for Gordon to join us. His family gave him a wonderful birthday gift and he is coming home for the weekend this coming week! That means he will only go back for about 10 days and then be home for good!!!! Everything will be easier with him at home.... Thanks again for everthing and everyone. A special thanks to my special angel Sherrie Mcdonald. She was a miracle for me this week - just when I needed one.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Questions Answered While We All Wait

Well, it is monday morning and the boys went off to school. I told Josh he has 1 month to really focus and I hope he will. It makes me sad to see how this is changing him. He is much more timid. Being sick takes away your innocence and that feeling of invincability that children naturally have. Going out to the car he slipped on the ice. He was just standing there and didn't get hurt but it really scared him and I had to hold him for a while to calm him down. He told me he wasn't going to go out for recess today because of it. I hope the teacher can talk him into it.........Some people have asked questions and I want to make sure I try to answer them. First off, the surgery will be here in Nebraska at Children's Hospital. I do not know how long before I will be able to make a post afterwards, it will depend on how he does. I may have Gordon or my sister do it. I plan to stay at the hospital with Josh the whole time. I have been talking to the other children and they understand that I won't be home till Josh comes with me. It helps that Rachel had RSV as a baby and I stayed with her then. They just understand that mom doesn't leave the sick one. Also, please remember that the final diagnosis may not come for a full week after surgery so if we don't have much information you will just have to wait with us.
It is very hard to wait for the surgery but also I wish the day would never come. At least right now I can pretend that this is not real, after surgery it will be all too real. I think that the boy scouts may get together and get their hair cut short with shaved sides to support Josh before the surgery. I had planned to cut Josh's high and shaved some kind of design on the sides to make it fun for him. They will cut behind his ear so we only need to shave the sides. I hope the scouts can get that put together, that would be really fun. As always, we are sooooooooooo greatful for the support that you show. Your prays and comments and helping hands make the days easier and we try to have fun where we can. Thank you