Saturday, October 24, 2009

Today, Tomorrow, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ok, Ok, I know it has been a long time. Things just seem to happen quickly and I can't keep up. Today I am on very little sleep (about 4 hours) and that is getting to be normal for me. Please don't misunderstand, things are great, it is just that my life has changed so much and I can't keep up. As I write this my beagle, Maryland, is running back and forth on the patio and whimpering. She has 6 puppies and they are inside with me. She got mastitis (is that spelled even a litttle right?) and now can't nurse the litter. Of course that means I have to. Puppy formula smells even worse that kid formula! The good news is that it is only for about a week till they can wean but still it is a lot of work. Homeschooling is going well but takes a lot of time and organization. I am very busy these days. I am still working with Ted to get him diagnosed and feeling better. He coughs every night and most days says his stomach hurts at some point in the day. He has had all the tests and they are not getting at answers but at least now we do know for sure that he has acid reflux. They are treating that but it doesn't stop the symptoms. The next stop is a pulmonologist to see about asthma. It is alot of running to specialists but at least I am good at that. Joshua's MRI was good, no evidence of reacurrance but he has been seen by the endocrinologist and that was not so good. He needs growth hormone and may have a thyroid problem but they can't treat the latter till they fix the first and they can't start treatment on the first till he has been 2 years out of treatment. Ok, actually they are going to start treatment at 1 year out. It carries risk but the doctor says we can't wait any longer than that. It becomes a big juggling act to work on all this. For now though, they are waiting on everything till next April and that is just fine with me. It is a break and we need it. This week is crazy with Halloween coming up. We have a church party tonight and then Candlelighters ( a cancer support group) has a fall festival on Sunday afternoon. Then we are going to the YMCA,s fall festival on Friday and the actual holiday is Saturday. Now add to that that the children's museum is having special exibits this week that would be great for the kids to see and if they come in costume they get a treat and the zoo is doing boo to you and they really want to see that and you can start to get an idea of how hectic it is. Some of you may be asking if we really need to do all that but once you have a child with cancer your perspective changes. I want them to have fun and they have missed so much that it is a small thing to do what they want. Also some of these things are really good for them, candelighters is a great support to our family and a chance to see other kids with cancer and be friends. The Y is our home away from home and we want to support their activities. We are on a scholarship and they have had us do some fundraising for them by telling our story and why they are important to us. We attend homeschool gym and swimming and tons of other things there so it really is important. It is one place where the children are just kids and fit in and have friends. Anyway, between homeschooling and fun stuff and doctors and puppies (we actually have 2 litters) I am swamped! I am also trying to slowly get the house in order and that is fun too. Believe it or not, I have worked really hard to make life pretty normal for the kids. That is the reason I don't sleep, I do lots after they go to bed. They do school and have fun and that is what normal kids do so all this is worth it for that. Please do not misunderstand, I am not whining, things are great, I just want you to have a glimpse of what our lives are so you will understand if my posts are slow. I want to tell you everything as soon as possible but time is one thing I get very little of. Well I had better get going, the pups are starting to whine and the other litter (which was delivered by c-section ((first time in 15 years of breeding))) needs to be checked on too. Have a great day and know that we love you.