Sunday, August 30, 2009

School, Tests, and Fun

Ok, I am sorry it has been so long since my last post. Between all the fun the kids have been having and my surgery (yes, I am starting to feel better) I just haven't gotten around to it. We went to MD Anderson on Friday and did Josh's hearing test. Great news, he is stable and they don't want to see him in the hearing clinic for 6 months! woohoo! Josh finished his first week of school and he is doing well. He is really liking the online school. I do see some problems but they just need to be worked out. He has not had this much work in a long time and his processing speed is so slow that he has been doing 8 hours + each day. We are going to have an ARD (a meeting to discuss his needs) and then we should be able to make adjustments to his work to cut the time down. He is having fun but I do not want him to burn out either. We are trying to shift from the summer of fun to the fall of school. He is taking Spanish this year and loves it. I will have to get some current pictures to put on, you guys will not recognize Joshua. He has so much hair now and looks so different. Tomorrow I start teaching the other children so it will really get crazy then. We are doing piano for Joshua, Teddy, and Miriam on Tuesday mornings. Also one day a week Joshua will go to MD Anderson to work with the teachers there and when I pick him up I am going to do some volunteer work while we are there. Ok, did I cover everything? Hearing test, school, and all the fun we are scheduling. I promise to try to better about posting, we have an MRI at the end of this month so there is always something going on. Thanks for your prayers, we are proof that they work every day.