Monday, January 21, 2013

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Well, things are progressing.  Believe it or not, it is harder for Josh now that he is getting stronger.  He feels trapped and is very restless.  Today the weather was beautiful and he cried several times.  He was just frustrated.  He trys very hard to accept things but some days are harder than others.  This last week has been very busy.  Josh had his MRIs and then saw the oncologist.  The good news is no new tumor!  They are moving us to annual MRIs and that is a blessing.  As is normally the case good is always tempered with bad and the next days results were not what we wanted.  We went for our hearing test and while the left ear did not go down much (it was already bad and needed a hearing aid but they had waited because the right was still good) the right plummetted this time.  The doctor was alarmed by the amount of loss and is now going to do 3 month tests to monitor.  We have ordered hearing aids for both ears and he will have them in 2 weeks.  It is funny but I think being able to hear will be a great problem for him - loud noises frighten him and I think that he is in for a surprise.  He will have to adjust but I am sure he will do well. 

Joshua is amazing to me.  He is humble and teachable and always trys his best.  He is not perfect but we are blessed to have him in our lives and his journey is teaching me and our family so much.  I know that where ever this road leads his in front and we are proud to follow.  The good news is that he is following our Savior so we are all headed in the right direction!  God Bless and we are grateful for your prayers and support.  -  Only 2 more weeks till we see if he can walk -  Keep praying.